The network of Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups in Scotland offers commercial fishers and other stakeholders a route to engage in inshore fisheries policy development for their local area.  This includes engagement between commercial fishermen and Marine Planning Partnerships.

National management initiatives will continue to be discussed with industry through the Inshore Fisheries Management and Conservation Group.

It should be noted that in Shetland and Orkney different administrative systems have developed, however the overarching Marine Scotland aims and objectives for inshore fisheries remain the same throughout Scotland.


Future Fisheries Management National Discussion - Future of fisheries management in Scotland: national discussion paper - (

Future Fisheries Management Strategy 2020-2030 - Future fisheries: management strategy - 2020 to 2030 - (

Guidance Structure

Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups

  • Outer Hebrides
  • West Coast
  • North & East Coast and;

The associated network groups undertaking inshore management functions 

  • Orkney
  • Shetland

Each Group Chair is appointed by Marine Scotland to engage fishermen and to facilitate their input at meetings either at a regional or local level. The RIFG Management Committee is expected to bring forward a Fisheries Management Plan for the region which can be broken down to define important local issues or those issues directly influencing a Scottish Marine Region Marine Planning Partnership (MPP) in determining spatial management arrangements.

Discussions within the RIFG Management Committee should recognise issues brought forward by fishermen either at a regional or local level with no party having the ability to veto proposals. The RIFG Chair will seek to discuss and arrive at a position of consensus on the RIFG adopting any proposal.

Scottish Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups